Professor Takashi Sato

  • Variation and Reliability Aware Integrated Circuit/Systems Modeling and Design
  • Modeling and Circuit Implementation of Organic Thin Film Devices
  • Remote Vital Sensing Using Video Images and Wireless Signals
  • Novel Computing (Quantum, Ising, and Reservoir): Implementation and CAD
  • Efficient Secure Computing using Homomorphic Cryptography

Professor Kiichi Niitsu

  • A
  • B
  • C

Professor Masanori Hashimoto

  • Integrated System Robust to Cosmic Ray-Induced Soft Errors
  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Oblivious Inference Securing Privacy of Data and Machine Learning Model
  • Reservoir Computing with Photonic Devices

Associate Professor Hiromitsu Awano

  • Hardware Accelerators for Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Computing Platform for Intelligent Robotics
  • Emotion Estimation Using Vital Sensing

Assistant Professor Ryo Shirai

  • Ultra-small volume computing for Society 5.0
  • Wireless communication & power transmission for mm3-class sensor node
  • Human-Computer-Interaction with novel hardware based on integrated system technology